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Costa d'Argento



Orbetello is a town of 15,248 inhabitants of the province of Grosseto. It is about 40 km from the capital and about 15 km from camping village is the Silver Coast. It is located in the center of the Orbetello Lagoon, an important nature reserve.

The city is located within the homonymous lagoon Orbetello and Monte Argentario is linked to by a road built on an artificial embankment (dam), which has divided the lagoon into two pools ("Eastern Lagoon" and "Laguna di Ponente "). Until 1944 the dam also ran a railroad that connected Porto Santo Stefano.

The district is extremely diverse; the wetland lagoon is bordered to the sea by two tomboli (the tombolo of Giannella and Tombolo Feniglia) characterized by long sandy beaches, pine woods and Mediterranean bush. The coast near the relief of Telamon and Ansedonia becomes rocky and difficult to access.

The hinterland is characterized by small mountains, where vegetation grows spontaneously, forming tangles of vegetation and lowland areas, malaria once and now intensively cultivated.


Orbetello, about 35 miles southeast of Grosseto, arose at the center of the lagoon where there was already inhabited in Etruscan times. In 280 BC came under the control of the Romans, who at the same time founded the colony of Cosa, near Ansedonia. The city went through the Middle Ages without a trace of events worthy of note, cited in documents as Orbetellum Orbitellus and that probably comes from the diminutive of Latin herbetum ("grassy place").

In medieval times it became a possession of the family who Aldobrandeschi gated until the early fourteenth century, when the center came under the control of Orvieto, and was probably rebuilt around 1110 by Pietro Farnese. After various struggles to control the location of the Orsini of Pitigliano and Orvieto, the city was conquered by the Sienese in the fifteenth century that the gated until the middle of next century, when the entire area came under the Kingdom of Naples in the State of Presidii, which became the capital of Orbetello. The lagoon town became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany, only the early nineteenth century, following the post-Napoleonic Restoration.

From the lagoon of Orbetello, between 1927 and 1933, Italo Balbo left for her four cruises a flying squadron of seaplanes.


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