Nature, tranquility, culture

Camping Village Club Capalbio is at the center of a rose of nature and culture


Where Tuscany is about to become Lazio, there is the best part of Maremma region which lives and breathes between the sea and the hills.

The camping village Costa d’Argento is situated in a zone which is rich in nature and cultural heritage. To the north of it there is a rural plane of Giardino, in the middle of Valle d’Oro; to the east there is the medieval borough of Capalbio and the Tarot Garden by Niky de Saint Phalle; to the south there is the WWF Oasis of Burano Lake and to the west there is the hill of Ansedonia, a rock over the sea, with its archaeological park.

The camping village

Capalbio, countryside of Maremma

Being situated in the countryside of Maremma region, in the agricultural plane at the feet of medieval Capalbio, the camping village covers the area of six hectares of grassland around a thick central core consisting of pine trees and cypressescostadargento camping map

News and offers


The Roman city with the Capitoline temple of Cosa, the sandy and rocky beaches of Ansedonia Argentario, the ancient Etruscan port, the Maremma plain of Giardino with the cornfields, the cypresses and the ancient pontifical dogana facilities on the border with Lazio, the Roman villa of "sette finestre", the medieval town of Capalbio, the Tarot Garden with the visionary art of Niki de Saint Phalle, the natural park area of Burano, the beaches of the Capalbio coast.

These are some of the naturalistic and cultural points of interest immediately beyond the borders of the camping village.



The Camping Costa d’Argento offers a large variety of services for all those who are looking for an alternative to the sea and the beach.

Food corner

We all know that it can be difficult to organize the preparation of meals during a holiday. And that is why the Camping Costa d’Argento offers many solutions to this problem.


Pitches, bungalows and mobile homes surrounded by greenery

Large and well shaded pitches will make you feel the atmosphere of Maremma region.

A soft ground, typical of a pine forest, alternates with grassland while pittosporum and  laurels make the atmosphere more relaxing and guarantee you the necessary privacy for a lovely stay. The practical nature of our camping village remembers a cosy botanical garden.