Capalbio, countryside of Maremma

Being situated in the countryside of Maremma region, in the agricultural plane at the feet of medieval Capalbio, the camping village covers the area of six hectares of grassland around a thick central core consisting of pine trees and cypressescostadargento camping map

The pitches for tents, campers and caravans are large (on average of 80 sq.m.) and are isolated from one another thanks to the thick hedges of laurels and pittosporum.

A part of the camping village hosts a series of bungalows in masonry which were recently restored.

Each bungalow has a large adjacent lawn where to install a gazebo for a complete relaxation in the lap of nature.

Inside the camping village there are also some prefabricated bungalows which were recently restored as well. Also in this case the bungalows have a private garden.